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sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas, railroad vine Ipomoea pes-caprae, and blue morning glory Ipomoea indica) to the ground and feign death by becoming extremely rigid.
His narrator, John Milk, is a typical, sexually frustrated Indiana University student who feigns an engagement in order to enroll in professor Alfred Kinsey's famous 1939 seminar on marriage--complete with a slide show of aroused genitals that leaves everyone in the room on the verge of a dead faint.
When she lectures him, he feigns snoring, then says, ``Sorry, I was having a little dream myself.
Painted white on front and black in the rear, the piece reduces three dimensions to two; it feigns an embodied spectatorship in real space a la Minimalism, yet sets up an essentially pictorial schema.
At a few points during his act Stuart name-checks the gay canon--for instance, clicking his heels and blurting "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" when he feigns exasperation with the crowd.
Another award winner, senior Jeff Zira - who said he has memorized pi to 101 digits - feigns a laid-back attitude, saying he doesn't do much studying or homework.
Like Othello's ``honest'' Iago, the state feigns being the dearest friend of the actors in our county's little drama, all the while stirring up the jealousies that result in the players trying to strangle one another.
Jordan does her hair in Brittany's Kewpie-doll style and feigns a high- pitched whine.
Top left, Ohio's Vicky Curry feigns fright during a casting call for Halloween Horror Nights II at Universal Studios.
Mom is an obsessive Buffalo Bills fan who sits twitching and clicking a television remote control while she feigns interest in her son.
Photo: Lindsay Davenport feigns weakness as she holds her trophy, won for beating Romania's Irina Spirlea in the final of the $1.
95) Rock Hudson feigns a lack of interest in women to win Doris Day.