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Dusclops: Hex, Feint Attack, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
Apparently, players are still permitted to feint during the run-up, but not after it, which seems a difficult distinction for the men in black to make.
The symmetrical skills--are those actions which when submitted to a symmetrization process record efficiency indexes (examples in handball: simple and alternative multiple dribbling, feints, special passes).
Alright, I admit I don't mince words - but feint heart never won fair lady.
He of course allows that this opening feint of pre-emptive war could trigger a "genocidal crusade" among the Islamic world's nuke-wielding imams, but to paraphrase our Vietnam strategists, sometimes you have to destroy a planet in order to save it.
The Dragons were part of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade's amphibious feint to Kuwait, which succeeded in drawing the attention of Saddam Hussein's forces away from the actual attack that occurred inland.
Feint also has an almost Margaret Preston-style in his vase of flowers for Barbara Lane Mullins.
She catalogues and discusses the literary strategies (paraphrase, definition, digression, feint astonishment, and apostrophe, among others) Sponde uses to give depth and breadth to his hermeneutic tasks.
The clarity of such a challenge always takes pundits and politicians by surprise, as Pam Iorio's feint toward continued ballot-counting would have done had she and others followed it through.
If I were an amateur boxer, I'd have to learn how to jab, how to feint, how to roll with the punches before getting my big shot at becoming a champ.
infect, heft, haft, fitch, finite, fine, finch, fiche, fiat, fiance, fetch, feint, feat, fate, faith, faint, fain, fact, facet, face, chief, chef, chafe, cafe, CHIEFTAIN Wordsquare: J.