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Shuppet: Feint Attack, Astonish, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak
Abu Dhabi's motorsport ace, Sheikh Khalid Al Qassimi, gave Portuguese football legend Paulo Sousa the 'drive' of a lifetime when he stepped into the rally star's Ford Focus for a FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) passenger ride - an exclusive opportunity not for the feint hearted.The two-time UEFA Champions League winner buckled up for a hair raising speed test with the BP Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team driver across the tough gravel terrain setting for this weekend's Rally de Portugal.One of Portugal's most successful defensive midfielders, Sousa retired from playing in 2002 and now manages Swansea City Football Club.
It means that during the World Cup players will no longer be allowed to halt their run-ups with a feint. If they do they will be booked and made to take the penalty again.
He is described as white, fairly short with mousy brown hair and some feint facial hair.
A King snake should be black or chocolate colour with feint white or lemon stripes.
--direction changes, simple and double; --pass feints followed by dribbling; --pass feints followed by another pass; --pass feints followed by throw at the goal; --throw feint followed by pass; --throw feint followed by dribbling; --throw feint followed by another throw procedure; --all variants of goals throws executed only with one arm;
Will it work/if the heart in my chest is tethered or skewed?//Will it work in the artificial light, in the soup/of the Day, or when a song becomes a feint?/Will it work?
Watching these two feint and jab at each other is like seeing Ali dance with Smokin' Joe.
Cautioning further that we would never know the actual whereabouts of such lethal weaponry in the hands of a Paradise-addled Islamist power, Harris presses blithely on to the u n thinkable: "In such a situation, the only thing likely to ensure our survival may be a nuclear first strike of our own." He of course allows that this opening feint of pre-emptive war could trigger a "genocidal crusade" among the Islamic world's nuke-wielding imams, but to paraphrase our Vietnam strategists, sometimes you have to destroy a planet in order to save it.
The Dragons were part of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade's amphibious feint to Kuwait, which succeeded in drawing the attention of Saddam Hussein's forces away from the actual attack that occurred inland.
Adrian Feint's colour woodcut for Sydney Ure Smith romantically captures the harbour.
She catalogues and discusses the literary strategies (paraphrase, definition, digression, feint astonishment, and apostrophe, among others) Sponde uses to give depth and breadth to his hermeneutic tasks.