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Who do you think,' said Riderhood, with a hitch of his head, as if he disdainfully jerked the feint away, 'picked up the body?
Here the waiter blew a candle out, and made a feint of lighting it again, in order to afford Mr.
The young man reclined against a table at no great distance from his friend, in apparent indifference to everything that had passed; and I--who felt the difficulty of any interference, notwithstanding that the old man had appealed to me, both by words and looks--made the best feint I could of being occupied in examining some of the goods that were disposed for sale, and paying very little attention to a person before me.
8PM Denzel Washington (below) stars in this tense siege picture that's full of feints and plot swerves.
During the piece's creation, the company worked with boxers to intertwine throws and feints with dance.
But Froome comfortably covered the few feints thrown his way in wet weather.
provision (Mad) of an automated immunoassay for determination of antibodies to TSH receptors including the provision of all consumables, reagents, feints, calibrators / calibrators, controls and maintenance for the laboratory in Nuclear Medicine vitro hospital Bretonneau
This book demonstrates how Gaddafl was soon to reap the whirlwind, as his feints toward reform actually engendered a revolutionary movement that proved all too real and powerful to be put down.
The 'feint sets'' system offers a wide range of subtle skills, feints and turns, and users can map their favourite move sequences to the right stick.
However, the validity of such a technique, which is used most famously by Cristiano Ronaldo in the modern day game, has been called into question by the growing trend for exaggerated feints in South American football.
The cheap feints such as the arrogance that is now demonstrated by him, according to Popovska, can cost him dearly.
It's not just "frauds, hoaxes, and counterfeits," according to the author in his introduction, but also "falseness, the false, artifice, ruse, simulacrum, jokes, practical jokes, spoofs, deceptions, subterfuges, feints, wiles,.