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At Allianz Arena, 25-year-old's new contract will keep him until 2018 while the Germany international stated that he couldn't be more felicitous to be sustaining his stay with last season's treble winners.
Simultaneously lighthearted and thought-provoking, this felicitous meeting of minds should attract fans of both men.
They get both in this double SACD set of live recordings which instead focus on their felicitous orchestration, melodic fecundity and romantic fervour.
In his message, the Prime Minister said (text) "on the felicitous occasion of the 67th National Day of the Republic of Indonesia, I would like to extend on the behalf of the Government and people of Pakistan my warmest congratulation to Your Excellency and people Republic of Indonesia.
Less felicitous is the character of Leo, whose banal poems are interspersed throughout the text and whose various romantic entanglements are neither as believable nor as funny as they are meant to be.
These are our models; we will probably not achieve their felicitous heights, but we felt that we could stretch and exercise our critical approaches by imitating them.
Indeed, there can be few exhibition spaces offering such a felicitous combination of art, architecture, history and natural beauty.
Queer optimism; lyric personhood and other felicitous persuasions.
The bulk of the book is devoted to design ideas and felicitous planting combinations.
Energy alone is never enough to make a recording worthwhile, but on the present disc there is such a felicitous blend of verve, virtuosity, and audible joie de chanter that the whole enterprise seems to be imbued with light.
For this, we would like to thank Jeronimo Pizarro and Steffen Dix for their timely and felicitous proposal, the Camara Municipal de Povoa do Varzim, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Instituto Camoes and the Instituto de Ciencias Sociais for the generous additional subsidies which have made publication of this extended special issue possible.
The authors explain that people do this because the utility derived from the felicitous belief that a project will be easy to complete outweighs the cost of not properly "smoothing" work over time.