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Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the former Qatar national coach stressed the significance of the season's opening match in easing his side into a felicitous beginning to their campaign to reinstate themselves as Qatar Stars League champions.
Agents of L*O*V*C*R*A*F*T (which stands for League of Valleys and Cardiff Registered Adherents of Felicitous Tuning) is about a sceptical unemployed man forced to become a psychic detective for a league of mystics.
Alpha has another felicitous property: it's almost halfway along an imaginary line from Albireo to Collinder 399, the asterism also known as Brocchi's Coathanger.
Thus, the creation of the inaugural India Today Art Awards 2016 is not a mere felicitous celebration of art in the here and the now.
After receiving the gift for their academics, Higaonon scholar-composer Ruben Manhonyogan led in the singing of his own composition of "Salamat Kanimo, Mayor" - a musical piece that beats a felicitous tune for the local chief executive in this 24th Most Competitive Component City in the country with 79 barangays of which 23 of them are inhabited by Higaonon - city's only tribe.
Opera York's presentation of Lucia di Lammermoor featured a felicitous mix of fresh young voices at the beginning of their careers and experienced singers in full maturity and beyond.
Simultaneously lighthearted and thought-provoking, this felicitous meeting of minds should attract fans of both men.
Classical Tchaikovsky Symphonies 1-3: LSO / Gergiev Tchaikovsky's first three symphonies need a sympathetic conductor and a top-class orchestra to make their inherent structural weaknesses and occasional prolixity seem unimportant.They get both in this double SACD set of live recordings which instead focus on their felicitous orchestration, melodic fecundity and romantic fervour.
In his message, the Prime Minister said (text) "on the felicitous occasion of the 67th National Day of the Republic of Indonesia, I would like to extend on the behalf of the Government and people of Pakistan my warmest congratulation to Your Excellency and people Republic of Indonesia.
These are our models; we will probably not achieve their felicitous heights, but we felt that we could stretch and exercise our critical approaches by imitating them.
Less felicitous is the character of Leo, whose banal poems are interspersed throughout the text and whose various romantic entanglements are neither as believable nor as funny as they are meant to be.
Indeed, there can be few exhibition spaces offering such a felicitous combination of art, architecture, history and natural beauty.