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The presupposition set thus determined constrains the class of contexts where the sentence can be felicitously used, since a sentence can be used to update only the information states which entail the presupposed propositions.
He also felicitously describes Hirsch's manner: "Hirsch is a unifier by nature.
Nevertheless, it is worth reading the two together, for it does seem that whatever gaps left by one are felicitously filled by the other.
Fang takes for her subject the late Romantic period which Virgil Nemoianu once influentially described as "Biedermeier," but which she--with a different set of geographical referents and an outlook informed by postcolonial theory--re-characterizes as a moment in which the consolidation of print capitalism felicitously collaborated with the post-Napoleonic consolidation of Britain's imperial identity.
But the event can get tiring and clearly could be spread out more felicitously.
Musica Folklorica, featuring the magnificent cimbalom player Petr Pavlinec and headed by the first violin Miroslav Kolacia, have felicitously invited as a guest the cimbalom band Horfiacka muzika Martina Hrbate, in which Kolacia plays the second violin or the viola.
Bar-Kochva offers a close investigation of twelve authors who wrote in Greek in the Hellenistic period, thus felicitously distinguishing between Greek and Roman literature.
Its content is full of interest though at times a few matters perhaps might've been more felicitously expressed.
The groups of whom this consensus is true are felicitously called racialized groups, terminology preferable to "social construction," "classic racial groups," "ethnic groups," and "ancestral/descent groups.
But it is on the Confessions that his reputation still largely rests, with some support from the equally felicitously titled essays "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts.
Or again, consider this repackaging of the famous love-story: "In proposing to Elizabeth, Darcy has clearly followed the imperatives of sexual selection, which in this case felicitously correspond with rather than fight against civilization's cultivated tastes.
Frangello zooms in on shrouded lives, unveiling them felicitously.