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Moreover, the physically protean form of fragrance itself, as Carlisle observes, felicitously "spiritualizes or literally seems to disembody what it also necessarily recognizes as indisputably material.
Here, rows of bricks studded with broken glass wedged in cement (of the type commonly used to deter undesirables from climbing garden walls) were felicitously placed along the Wexner's Peter Eisenman designed interior ramp.
Although the "wall of separation" felicitously may express some aspects of First Amendment law, it seriously misrepresents or obscures others, and has become a source of much mischief in modern church-state jurisprudence.
Near Eastern influences on Greek culture, once denied or simply overlooked, are now the subject of a flourishing field of scholarship, major works ranging from Walter Burkert's early and justly celebrated Die orientalisierende Epoche in der griechischen Religion und Literatur in 1984 to the virtual encyclopedia of parallels, influences, and (the more neutral) "antecedents" presented in 1997 by Martin West in the felicitously titled The East Face of Helicon: West Asiatic Elements in Greek Poetry and Myth, bearing incontrovertible witness to the author's famous statement, made half a century ago and prescient for its time, that "Greece is part of Asia; Greek literature is a Near Eastern literature" (West 1966: 31).
Less felicitously, there Appear to have been several instances of misidentifications of content where the user did in fact own the copyright.
The need to bring out connections between our "common concepts," expressed by so-called "natural language," and the mathematical scheme of theoretical physics has been felicitously stressed by Werner Heisenberg in his Gifford Lectures.
One individual who can relatively expeditiously and felicitously send this message is Thomas Hogan, the preeminent former D.
Not before, and certainly not after, have enlightened city officials, planners, architects, and landscape architects come together so felicitously.
He also felicitously describes Hirsch's manner: "Hirsch is a unifier by nature.
Fang takes for her subject the late Romantic period which Virgil Nemoianu once influentially described as "Biedermeier," but which she--with a different set of geographical referents and an outlook informed by postcolonial theory--re-characterizes as a moment in which the consolidation of print capitalism felicitously collaborated with the post-Napoleonic consolidation of Britain's imperial identity.
The fire that is God does indeed devour but it does not debase," Bernard writes; "it burns pleasantly, devastates felicitously.
The Dream of the Celt, felicitously and faithfully translated by Edith Grossman, feels anomalous when contrasted with the rest of Vargas Llosa's vast, pliable oeuvre; it's unusually straightforward and information-packed.