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Dimensions (by estimation)--Greatest length, eleven feet; height, six feet; head, erect; nostrils, expansive; eyes, expressive and fierce; teeth, serrated and abundant; tail, horizontal, waving, and slightly feline; feet, large and hairy; talons, long, curvated, dangerous; ears, inconspicuous; horns, elongated, diverging, and formidable; colour, plumbeous-ashy, with fiery spots; voice, sonorous, martial, and appalling; habits, gregarious, carnivorous, fierce, and fearless.
Newman says, 'Near villages and small towns I have found the nests of humble-bees more numerous than elsewhere, which I attribute to the number of cats that destroy the mice.' Hence it is quite credible that the presence of a feline animal in large numbers in a district might determine, through the intervention first of mice and then of bees, the frequency of certain flowers in that district!
Stooping with one of his quick feline pounces, he placed the slipper upon the blood mark on the sill.
"I see the cunning of insanity, the suspicion of insanity, the feline treachery of insanity in every line of this deplorable document.
My Lady's maid is a Frenchwoman of two and thirty, from somewhere in the southern country about Avignon and Marseilles, a large-eyed brown woman with black hair who would be handsome but for a certain feline mouth and general uncomfortable tightness of face, rendering the jaws too eager and the skull too prominent.
Here he perched, hurling twigs and epithets at the raging feline beneath him.
It was a true feline screech, impossible to localize; but it was interrupted by a sob, a snarl, a fierce spitting, and a scuffling, coming unmistakably from a room on the floor beneath, in which, at that hour, the older girls assembled for study.
How we barely escaped the cruel fangs of lions and tigers the size of which would dwarf into pitiful insignificance the greatest felines of the outer world.
One by one he vanquished the aristocratic felines of Spofford Avenue.
A good refreshing can also lure a feline back to a toy that was once their favorite.
Global experts in the area of feline medicine have come together for the 18th ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) Congress, held in Cavtat, Croatia, to discuss the latest trends in feline infectious diseases, including the growing threat of feline lungworm across Europe.
CBBC's vet Dr Rory Cowlam, better known as Rory The Vet, says: "Feline hypertension awareness month is really important because it is something that is overlooked by a lot of owners and vets alike.