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When Things Fell Apart brings the state back to the center of discussion in the literature on political disorder.
However, every one of those issues would be equally valid to establish why the Boot estate project fell apart.
However, he adds, "that was not the reason why our marriage fell apart.
His opponent fell apart at the last moment on the Tyson card and we got Will McIntrye - that was a three-week replacement.
Fay Grew, 35, said: "My new swimsuit just fell apart - the elastic broke and it went all saggy.
But they competed for influence around the world--until the Soviet Union fell apart in December 1991.
And Continental's talks with Transbrasil fell apart because of concerns over the Brazilian carrier's safety record.
I didn't look at other women, didn't mess about for nine years while I was married and it just fell apart.
The two-city operation fell apart last year when its Cleveland component, which had had financial problems for more than a decade, ran out of money, canceled its season, laid off its staff and terminated its contracts with its dancers--many of whom signed on with the San Jose troupe.
We would have liked the tree to wait another 20 years or so before it fell apart, but we don't regret our passive decision to leave our backyard friend alone.
Whatever killed them deposited their bodies together, where they decayed and fell apart before they were fossilized.