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Very recently, the world as we know it almost fell apart.
But when Donal left, people thought the whole ship fell apart.
After spending 35 days and around 200 hours putting the world's largest jigsaw puzzle together, Dave Evans' pride and joy fell apart when it collapsed into pieces.
The leader of Bulgaria's right-wing party Union of Democratic Forces (UDF), Martin Dimitrov, announced officially he is resigning, after it was reported that the so-called Blue Coalition fell apart.
He surmised that it was the students' fault the books fell apart so quickly.
Summary: Egypt and Iran have signed an agreement to resume direct flights between them for the first time since the two nations' diplomatic relations fell apart in 1979.
This is the question that Robert Bates, a Harvard University professor and a prominent scholar of Africa, sets out to answer in When Things Fell Apart.
However close they seem now, though, the public ought to keep in mind how close legislators came in March, until the whole deal fell apart over a few piddling details.
As her career-based life as a lawyer fell apart, Kathryn abandons the comfortable familiarity of Los Angeles.