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No," replied the other, "from your son"; at which Osborne fell back into the corner of his carriage, and Dobbin allowing it to pass on, rode close behind it, and so through the town until they reached Mr.
And she fell back upon the leather bed, dying, doubled up, allowing herself to hang suspended from the strap buckled round her waist.
He has changed shadows with a woman,' the idiot whispered in his ear, and then fell back with a look of triumph.
He said no more, nor was there opportunity, for the Warhoons were closing in about us, and together we fought, shoulder to shoulder, during all that long, hot afternoon, until the tide of battle turned and the remnant of the fierce Warhoon horde fell back upon their thoats, and fled into the gathering darkness.
Summary: While trying to hide the phone in the ceiling of his classroom, he fell back onto the seats and then to the ground.
The positive balance of small firms reporting increasing profitability fell back to 1%.
Consumers' confidence in their finances fell back from its highest levels in four years in December as Christmas put a squeeze put on people's budgets, a report has found.
London's leading share index had climbed above 6900 to reach near record highs at the start of last month, but fell back dramatically during yesterday's session.
Mumbai: Ignoring firm local equities, the rupee fell back by nine paise to close at 60.
The 7 June 2011 eruption was by some margin the biggest recorded since this constant monitoring began, meaning the huge cascade of matter that fell back into the Sun following the eruption was a unique opportunity to study, on an unusually large scale, the fluid dynamics of these phenomena.
Magnetic forces drove the flow of plasma, but without sufficient force to overcome the sun's gravity much of the plasma fell back into the sun.
New York stocks fell back Monday, with the Dow index declining for the first time in five trading days on poor U.