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The accused was then seen trying to inspect the damage but she fell flat on her face without trying to support herself.
The effort fell flat when AU pointed out that, as a non-profit organization, it could not legally intervene in the race.
Jessica Langston with son Bertie who fell flat on his face.
Instead, I flung my arm way back in the air, missed the ball and fell flat on my butt.
Laws said: "I hope the fans have lots of parties and invite me, because last time we arranged something we fell flat on our face, so I didn't allow anything to be organised.
THIRTY years ago The Flatlanders fell flat on their faces and went their separate ways, leading to solo success for Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock.
Mark Roache and colleagues from Solarglass in Herald Way, Binley, managed to get two bikes from Paddox Cycles of Hillmorton Road, Rugby, after earlier attempts fell flat.
BIG Brother star Jade Goody was in tears when she fell flat on her backside during pantomime rehearsals.
Without the spectacular virtuosity or performance bravado I associate with the vernacular, and before a watching audience as opposed to a dancing crowd, the intended sexy fun of the piece fell flat.
I think there is going to be a lot of shifting and subletting of space that the dot-com industry took in anticipation but fell flat," LaPorte said.