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Next came one Who mourn'd in earnest, when the Captive Ark Maim'd his brute Image, head and hands lopt off In his own Temple, on the grunsel edge, Where he fell flat, and sham'd his Worshipers: DAGON his Name, Sea Monster, upward Man And downward Fish: yet had his Temple high Rear'd in AZOTUS, dreaded through the Coast Of PALESTINE, in GATH and ASCALON, And ACCARON and GAZA's frontier bounds.
In conclusion, he fell flat and heavily upon the deck.
The measurer in the distance fell flat upon his face, and then jumping up again, he began to run in the opposite direction.
Millot rushed forward, and fell flat with his chin over the edge.
Thieves fell flat on the ground while they cycling at full speed to run away from the park.
And his tendency to fall flat when the big games come around was once again evident in his non-performance for Paris Saint-Germain against Chelsea, before he literally fell flat on his backside and departed the scene.
London, January 21 ( ANI ): Arnold Schwarzenegger, who promised his fans that he'd be back with a bang, seems to have failed to resonate that reassurance as his latest movie, 'The Last Stand,' fell flat at the box office during its opening weekend and came in at ninth in total Friday grosses.
A DOCTOR crashed her car while almost five times the drink drive limit - then staggered out and fell flat on her face.
But the jape fell flat because German ace Michael Ballack doesn't do laughter.