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Boyd fell foul of referee Willie Collum midway through the first half as he tumbled in the box as Queens keeper Ludovic Roy met the striker .
ROMFORD trainer Paul Young fell foul of the NGRC stewards at the latest session on inquiries held on Tuesday, earning a reprimand and pounds 700 fine.
1934: Marie Curie, Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered radium, fell foul of her own discovery when she died as a result of over-exposure to radioactivity.
It was the latest misadventure for Merthyr-born Williams, who this week fell foul of the club after signing a first-team shirt as Pele before it was auctioned for charity.
As Durham County FA were on inter-county duty on Saturday, only one match was scheduled to take place in the league ( and it fell foul of the weather.
Apparently Damo - who supported Moz on his American tour - fell foul of the staunch vegetarian because of his love for a Philly Cheese Steak.
ADRIAN MUTU was burning the candle at both ends so vigorously before he fell foul of the drug-testers, he had taken to arriving at the Chelsea training ground and promptly falling asleep on the physio's couch.
Two of the products that fell foul of industry rules were Muse Cocktail Mix's Sex on the Beach flavour, and X on the Beach, which is part of a range called Manhattan Cocktails.
He was forced to flee the country in March 1982, when his outspoken views fell foul of the Soviet-backed Communist government.
After Scottish Tories suffered a poster fiasco in Scotland earlier this week, Conservative shadow Chancellor Michael Portillo fell foul of the jinx yesterday.
Cockney David Brooks, 49 - who played in Ted Danson's movie Loch Ness - fell foul of untrained ears at Hampstead Heath last year.