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Some cows drowned in flooded fields, others fell prey to disease-causing bacteria that bred in the water and muck.
A survey of most of the students in the ill-fated orchestra, conducted three weeks after the episode and described in the September AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY, indicates they fell prey to "mass hysteria" -- not the sort exhibited by fans at a rock concert, but the sudden appearance in a group of temporary physical symptoms stemming from psychological causes.
Agassi made the wrong sort of statement - fashion and otherwise - as he fell prey to Doug Flach, a qualifier who somehow managed to play the best he had ever played despite being more nervous than he had ever been.
This past year, Crowley was planted with its usual allotment of subcatchables - and about 700,000 tiny fingerlings, many of which likely fell prey to birds or other fish.
Five Rangers men also fell prey to the unabated violence in Karachi, the capital of Sindh and hub of Pakistan's economy.
Rather, trees weakened by the drought likely fell prey to a different culprit: diseases and insects.
Karachi, Mar 14(ANI): The death toll in the ongoing wave of violence in Karachi since Thursday has mounted to thirty as nine more people fell prey to target killings in the metropolis on Sunday.
Then, pets and finally a young man fell prey to the big cats.
During the 1980s, Kilgore lived in Marxist Zimbabwe, moving to South Africa after that country fell prey to the African National Congress and its Communist Party allies in 1994.