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Desperate to escape poverty in her homeland, Mimi fell prey to the traffickers who lure girls with the prospect of lucrative hotel and restaurant jobs.
FAISALABAD -- At least six passengers fell prey to swindlers here during the past 12 hours, and they were shifted to hospitals where the condition of two was stated to be critical.
QUETTA -- An Afghan national woman fell prey to Congo virus in Quetta taking the death toll to 16 on Sunday.
The pre-World War II business mecca, which fell prey in recent years to the boom in nearby retail and outlet malls, has narrowed its street and widened its sidewalks to place a focus on outdoor dining and increased foot traffic.
Another group fell prey to the illusion even when told before lifting the boxes that they were the same weight.
and their near disastrous transition from father to sons reveals how this family business almost fell prey to the key agents of destruction, which include "a lack of communication, lack of trust, and lack of confidence.
Five Rangers men also fell prey to the unabated violence in Karachi, the capital of Sindh and hub of Pakistan's economy.
They are also graveyards to thousands of native Californians who built them, then fell prey to European diseases.
Even cells genetically engineered to resist apoptosis, the form of cell suicide observed by the scientists, fell prey to dying neighbors.