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In reply, UBL could score 186:7 and fell short of 11 runs.
Team management said that it tried its best to resuscitate the club but still fell short.
COA said this fell short of the ideal number of 25 dogs needed in 'protecting the President through effective bomb detection operations during presidential engagements.
However, Labour's move requesting that Parliament's bill selection committee consider bringing on the Bandt/Katter bill for debate on August 14 fell short of a majority vote.
The Irishman did not deny his disappointment after England fell short in their bid for a piece of history, but was looking optimistically at the bigger picture - which includes a Champions Trophy next season and then a World Cup in 2019, both on home soil.
Budget revenues fell short of projections by about four percent and expenditures by nearly five percent in the first half of this year.
The results, which fell short of analyst expectations, came despite progress toward Microsoft's restructuring goals, which hope to trade its PC business for profits from the cloud.
He's a great kid and fell short of the levels we were looking for but he certainly didn't fall short in his attitude and application," said Steven Pressley.
Summary: Uzbekistan rallied to beat Qatar 5-1 at home but still fell short of an automatic .
Earlier the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said the country's Q1 economic growth fell short of target on a decline in spending.
Summary: Google's quarterly results fell short of expectations for the holiday season triggering a nine per cent slide in its shares.
A BOY who was swept up in the riots hurled bottles at police but they fell short, a court heard yesterday.