fell stroke

See: disaster
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The fact is that the current series of Bruce's Price Is Right enjoyed ratings shares way above the ITV Network average until David Liddiment decided, without warning, to move it to a non-prime slot, losing five million viewers in one fell stroke.
Losses incurred so far by regular followers of Pricewise could, however, be wiped out in one fell stroke should Tyrur Laurel make it through to next week's final.
George Clooney and his Hollywood A-list chums make a sequel to Ocean's Eleven and in one fell stroke makes themselves into B movie bandits.
He's now being talked about as the national side's in-form defender and has, at one fell stroke, resurrected his international career.
We would be able to fund our health service and public services and good causes at one fell stroke.
But the Club preferred to stick to its usual `rules is rules' approach, thus in one fell stroke earning more bad will from everybody in greyhound racing than it could have with a thousand fines for knacker-meat positives.