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She turned white as a handkerchief, tried to say something, and her lips worked painfully; but she sank on a chair as though she had been felled by an axe.
John, they felled whole acres of the forest to make bonfires, and danced by the blaze all night, crowned with garlands, and throwing flowers into the flame.
In the present instance, the tree was a tall straight pine, and as it grew perpendicularly, and there was not a breath of air stirring the beaver could have felled it in any direction he pleased, if really capable of exercising a discretion in the matter.
It was no time for gentlemanly reproof, so I turned round and felled him like an ox.
Here I have laid out some new streets; and when they are opened, and the trees felled, and they are all built up, will they not make a fine town?