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He said, Pakistan has been a fellow companion of the member countries all along in its journey for the collective quest for democracy.
In a powerfully evocative scene near the end of the story, we see Welles in the backyard with his fellow companion, Snow: "The two of them lay in the middle of the lawn on their sides, facing one another, almost touching, nose to nose and belly to belly.
He expresses to his family, fellow Companions and the Order of Liberation his sadness and that of the whole Nation, who knows what it owes to these heroes who fought for our country's honor, our dignity and our future.
Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Pir Sialvi said he and his fellow companions adopted the course of dialogue with the government only to avoid any confrontational situation in the country.
As per reports, Mushtaq Dasti and his fellow companions were caught by forest guard Mohammad Azhar when they were busy in stealing timber, the forest guard approached civil line police station where case has been registered against the culprits.
May he look down on his fellow companions and work colleagues.
As you master the art of war, you'll fight through enemy hordes and try to outshine fellow companions on your way to becoming the greatest hero of all.
You'll fight through enemy hordes to outshine your fellow companions on your way to becoming the greatest hero of all.
As a nation we all have to foster forward ideologies and thoughts given by Jinnah and his fellow companions during Pakistan movement.
Many rebels can torture, but not everyone can kill, admits Hussein, who is now receiving treatment in a hospital in the Lebanese city of Tripoli where he and his fellow companions are openly talking about torturing and killing Syrian army soldiers.
Pinned down, the sheep surprisingly remained calm, despite his fellow companions laying motionless beside him.
Sir Paul McCartney (centre) with newly named fellow companions of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, (Left to right) Principal, Mark Featherstone-Whitty, Steve Nester, David Bell, Caroline Ellery, Hannah Waddingham, Billy Ocena, Spencer Leigh and Chris Johnston.

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