fellow conspirator

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Junction two of the ring road near Hillfields stood in for the M4 motorway as terrorists on high-powered motorbikes broke open a security convoy to release a fellow conspirator.
His fellow conspirator, non-league player Moses Swaibu, was jailed for 16 months.
His former girlfriend, Alicja Siwiak, 27, also of St Gowan Avenue, was given two years, while fellow conspirator Hurbert Bacmaga, 27, of Birmingham, was jailed for 15 months.
A fellow conspirator had earlier tried, but failed, to murder the Secretary of State as he lay in bed, while another lost his nerve and abandoned an attempt to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson at the Willard Hotel.
Donaire, a lawyer who narrates the story, is the private secretary and fellow conspirator of Don Antonio Narino.
A fellow conspirator was handled by a Colonel Shah, he claimed.
Her brother Mohammed Vakas admitted pouring the acid on Mr Akram in a taped police van conversation with cousin and fellow conspirator Mohammed Adeel.
And by September 1943 he is stationed in the General Army Office in the Bendlerblock military building in Berlin and appointed as chief-of-staff to General Friedrich Olbricht, a fellow conspirator.
At 8am on August 9, Burkey let his fellow conspirator into the restaurant while his manager James Deakin was in the office.
He also works particularly well with Frances McDormand, as Linda his fellow conspirator at Hardbodies Gym, whose only real ambition in life is cosmetic surgery that might help her to be successful with an internet romance.
According to court documents, Ressam has provided information on more than 100 potential terrorists and also testified against fellow conspirator Moktar Haouari and Mounir el-Motassadeq, who was involved in plotting the 11 September 2001 attacks.
The apotheosis occurred when Sloane arranged to meet a mysterious fellow conspirator, and out of the postmodern shadows stepped .

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