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This is certainly not a "just say no" decision, yet it allows the poem to end on a note of sad fellow feeling.
Put differently, Hume is asking how could fellow feeling with a parent in pain over the sickness of a child mitigate the parent's pain, while fellow feeling with people involved in mob activity escalate their emotion.
Ethnic identities have certain impacts that fit the hypotheses of ethnic fellow feeling or conflict.
Is the cultivation of fellow feeling compatible with recognition and protection of reasonable pluralism about the good?
But you can imagine my surprise when a letter dropped on my desk here in the Pleasuredome expressing some sort of fellow feeling towards our existence here in a work capsule as pressurised as George W Bush's proposed Moonbase.
Faced with this maelstrom of conflicts, viewers can find themselves torn between fellow feeling and exasperation, often during the same sequence.
With fellow feeling, poignantly, I went to the Roadpeace North West Service of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims held last Friday in Liverpool dignified by the presence of numerous civic leaders when the remembrance prayer, ``With the rising of the sun and its going down we will remember them,'' was recited and floral tributes were laid.
Jack Straw revealed that, despite their polarised politics, Barbara had a touching fellow feeling for Margaret Thatcher.
Among the Atlantic community's members, there are large common interests economic and political as well as military and there is true fellow feeling that motivates action.
This gave him a fellow feeling with the Palestinian men who left home before daybreak, and were often humiliated at checkpoints, on their way to labouring jobs in Israel.
Charles and Sampson Lloyd, Matthew Boulton and Joseph Priestley are mentioned by name for the fellow feeling they had expressed towards his 'much oppressed countrymen'.
Ideally the book should be read immediately after The Night of the New Moon, about his years in Japanese captivity, to show how his 1942-45 experiences led directly into a fellow feeling for Indonesians of all races and religions and a sympathy for their budding aspirations towards self-government to which the Dutch remained too long impervious.

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