fellow plotter

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Whether the little priest's coat and creed touched some southern memories of confession, or whether she fancied he knew more than he did, she said to him in a low voice as to a fellow plotter, "He is right enough in one way, your friend.
District Judge Jonathan Taaffe was told Kelland had been the architect of what was described as a "detailed" scheme by the girl's own solicitor, and had then recruited her "misguided" fellow plotter.
His fellow plotter, Suhaib Majeed, was a prize-winning mathematician and physics student and is also a former pupil of Westminster City School.
Christopher Ojapah, 36, of Hinton Street, Fairfield, was one of the main organisers of the conspiracy and was today behind bars along with fellow plotter Rodney Akomas.
According to one fellow plotter, a group of ne'er-do-wells had been smoking crack cocaine in someone's shed, before plundering the stores cupboard and pouring petrol onto the ground.
As a result, she and her fellow plotter "hatched a plan more fitting of the tradition of salon scheming than of a modern political fight.
COUP BLIMEY: No wonder Patricia Hewitt looks despondent after her failed bid, along with fellow plotter Geoff Hoon, to oust Gordon Brown
The plot's "chemist and quartermaster" Assad Sarwar, 29, must spend a minimum of 36 years behind bars, while fellow plotter Tanvir Hussain, 28, Ali's right-hand man, must serve at least 32 years.
Fellow plotter Charles Clarke should copy Blears instead of sounding like a stuck record - the ex-minister boring for Britain by continuing to snipe at Brown.
Fellow plotter Sergeant Kieran Campbell, 27, got four years after he turned Queen's evidence.
Fellow plotter Sgt Kieran Campbell, 27, - Quinn's brother-in-law - got four years after he turned Queen's evidence.
The Interior Ministry also said the attacks' mastermind, identified as Palestinian Ayad Said Salah, died in the October 7 explosion at the hotel along with fellow plotter Egyptian Suleiman Ahmed Saleh Flayfil.

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