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The worker was accused of inciting fellow workers to protest.
Q Does a worker have any legal rights to take anyone other than a fellow worker or trade union official to a disciplinary or grievance meeting?
The new right to be accompanied at a disciplinary and grievance hearing by a fellow worker or a trade union official, even if the company is non-unionised, has also now come into effect and this is one of the areas covered in the code.
Most of the staff surveyed said they had felt intimidated by a fellow worker or manager but only one in 10 would complain.
And 17 per cent said it was pressure from their employer that caused the break-up of a relationship with a fellow worker, according to research by online etailer half price perfumes.
Fellow worker Mary Webb, aged 62, is a relative newcomer.
Stephen Okuefuna yesterday told how he suffered months of abuse from a fellow worker on a building site in Allerton.
He suffered fatal head and chest injuries after being struck by a large industrial telehandler vehicle, being driven by fellow worker Timothy Bevan.
Derek gives a lift most mornings to fellow worker Mick Curtis in his Peugeot 307, his favourite car out of all those he's worked on in the last three decades.
A fellow worker at Eden Waste Recycling said last night: "It was a horrific accident and everyone on the scene has been left in total shock.
A MAN from north Warwickshire accused of murdering a fellow worker at the site of a mass foot and mouth cull was remanded in custody when he appeared before magistrates.

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