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His fellow workers favoured him with scowls and black looks, and made remarks, slangily witty and which he did not understand, about sucking up to the boss and pace-making and holding her down, when the rains set in.
Beside Denisov rode an esaul,* Denisov's fellow worker, also in felt cloak and sheepskin cap, and riding a large sleek Don horse.
He speaks of Caswall being a pupil and the fellow worker of Mesmer, and states that though, when the latter left France, he took away with him a vast quantity of philosophical and electric instruments, he was never known to use them again.
Lately, in Pakistan, however, the role of the workers' movements or workers' bodies has been limited to only seeking rights of their fellow workers or in the case of state-owned enterprises the motives are mostly politically driven and are not entirely for the betterment of the workers or society.
The victim's fellow workers saw him lying motionless in his bed and found he was dead.
tributes to the workers of Chicago in 1886 for the sacrifices they had rendered for the cause of the fellow workers.
Greeting you all a very merry Christmas, my family, my fellow workers in government, and let us all look forward for the coming of a new year with great happiness,' he added.
An announcement has been distributed, which identifies the 18 workers and accuses them of inciting fellow workers to go on strike last Thursday.
Dad and his fellow workers obliged by retrieving the panels and holding them in their original position while the old gentleman used the facility
He and fellow workers paraded around Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium as the club showed support for their plight.
He said this information was received from fellow workers at the SWA.
The Commission on Elections Employees' Union (Comelec-EU) has expressed its support to fellow workers in the public sector who are decrying the continuing corruption in government and the recent imposition of unjust taxes on their benefits.

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