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His fellow workers favoured him with scowls and black looks, and made remarks, slangily witty and which he did not understand, about sucking up to the boss and pace-making and holding her down, when the rains set in.
Beside Denisov rode an esaul,* Denisov's fellow worker, also in felt cloak and sheepskin cap, and riding a large sleek Don horse.
He speaks of Caswall being a pupil and the fellow worker of Mesmer, and states that though, when the latter left France, he took away with him a vast quantity of philosophical and electric instruments, he was never known to use them again.
He and fellow workers paraded around Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium as the club showed support for their plight.
He said this information was received from fellow workers at the SWA.
Postal Authority workers in Alexandria had gathered in front of the Misr Train Station postal distribution point demanding the release of their fellow workers.
LESLIE Watts sent us this picture of his father with fellow workers at Whitley Pumping Station in the early 1930s.
Clerical worker Gordon Redfern, 51, who had been reinstated after appealing his sacking for gross misconduct, told police about a plan to tie up and kill fellow workers.
KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq: Polices sources said here today that a cleaning worker was killed and two fellow workers wounded by a bomb blast south west Kirkuk.
Racing has said thanks to me and I would like to say a thank you to racing for a life I have always enjoyed, for steady employment and for the chance to make life-long friends with racing people on the course, as well as my fellow workers.
David Whitaker, and fellow workers Keith Young and Alan Hind, who all work for Gatesheadbased Allied Bakeries, completed a 16-hour dawn-until-dusk golf challenge, and raised over pounds 570 for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in the process.
Summary: Electricite du Liban employees held a two-hour protest Tuesday over the recent attack on a colleague and urged officials to take responsibility and "protect" fellow workers.

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