felonious act

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Then after that, I imagine, there would be a bureau that would be able to predict when an individual is contemplating a felonious act, and I am sure we will all cheer when that happens.
Workshops will explore everything about "writing" from its evolution as a felonious act, to a six-figure gallery trade embraced by the commercial world, including its very recent role in public exhibitions in New York, by world-renowned street artist, Banksy.
The real felonious act committed on that fateful trip to Idaho was committed by the head coach of the visiting team.
How Messrs Butler, Davies, Nicol and Wood manage to share a broadcasting stage with him without committing some sort of violent felonious act is beyond my comprehension.
I don't think anyone should profit from a felonious act.
Al Gore must take the heat for this felonious act as well.
These charismatic TV characters--and their real-life equals--are so compelling that we have coined terms like "evil genius" to describe many of their felonious acts.
The Huffington Post reported in November that in 2013, 27 law enforcement officers"were killed as a result of felonious acts the lowest such figure in more than 50 years of FBI reporting.
Of these, 48 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts and 47 officers died in accidents.
As per details, protestors said routine incidents of target killing and felonious acts of extortions have been a continuous source of perturbation.
According to Grimmett and Johnson, Max's book is filled mostly with stories of him and his exploits with women, some of which would be considered felonious acts under North Carolina law.
So many thousands of these illegal and felonious acts were committed within the British lines during the war," wrote Jones, "that an enumeration of them would, of itself, fill a folio.