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In addition, our goal is not to critique individual programs, but to understand the broader state of feminist praxis in WGS programs across Canada.
However, as a form of feminist praxis, I am not convinced.
This, in combination with her rejection of ideology as a factor in defining feminism, implies that liberal ideology does not keep women from supporting progressive policies and that feminist praxis does not require a much-transformed consciousness.
Within such a conception then, feminist praxis becomes a problematical undertaking.
Combining musical performance, zine production, irreverent style, and the DIY ethos of punk, Riot Grrrl forged a feminist praxis premised upon social and personal transformation through cultural production and girl community--or, as Riot Grrrl put it, girl love and girl power.
I begin this essay by defining and recovering socialist feminist praxis of the late 1960s and 1970s, Next, I argue that, since its first organizations in 1969, socialist feminist praxis developed theory and practice around race that influenced the agendas of women's liberation and women's studies.
First, this work has profound theoretical and practical implications for transnational feminist praxis.
2) While the Riot Grrrl movement in the United States has largely subsided, residual activist practices connected to the movement remain an important part of contemporary feminist praxis.
These websites make the assigned readings more real to the students and demonstrate the applicability of the material and of feminist praxis.
34) While we experience Lorde's analysis, we also move to see feminist praxis as layered--how do we alter the paradigm when it is the very paradigm that makes us visible within the eyes of the nation-state and awards us resources to animate and validate this paradigm?
Building Feminist Praxis Out of Feminist Pedagogy: The Importance of Students' Perspectives.
Third World feminist praxis makes possible another kind of gender, race, class, se xual, cultural, political, and historical consciousness--a differential consciousness which multiplies what counts as feminist politics and consciousness.

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