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The femoral nerve is one of the most important nerves of the anterior division group of nerves in the lumbar plexus, which mainly supplies the sensation for the anterior and medial parts of the lower extremities (7, 9).
Jansen TK and others compared femoral nerve block with combined sciatic-femoral nerve block in patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament repair regarding pain score, analgesic requirement and patients' satisfaction.
Effect of continuous femoral nerve block in analgesia and the early rehabilitation after total knee replacement.
The region between the VMO and rectus femoris is amenable to incision even with a lack of an internervous plane, as both muscles receive innervation from the femoral nerve in the proximal thigh.
191 Pelvic tumours, and specifically pelvic schwannomas, can cause chronic pelvic pain, as was reported in a case of a femoral nerve schwannoma with the clinical expression of chronic pelvic pain.
Ren reported a comparison of epidural analgesia and femoral nerve analgesia that suggested safe and effective femoral nerve block in postoperative analgesia of knee stiffness.
In this single-institution study of 2,197 patients who underwent TKA for osteoarthritis, or inflammatory or post-traumatic arthritis, patients who used CPNB for pain management had more than four times the fall risk of those who did not; single-shot femoral nerve blocks did not increase the risk.
2] Femoral neuropathy due to the compression of the femoral nerve is the most serious and common complication.
Background: Femoral nerve is used for nerve block in several surgeries.
We also include a case-based review of injuries specific to the brachial plexus, ulnar nerve, and femoral nerve.