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Three months after surgery the patient was in perfect health: The femoral pulses were strong and equal and the ankle pulses were present.
sup][1] In the undiagnosed and untreated older age group, primary adult aortic coarctation can be recognized as an incidental finding by a primary care physician who notices a heart murmur or decreased femoral pulses as part of a routine annual physical examination.
This patient who had inferior wall myocardial infarction was morbidly obese, had hypotension with barely palpable femoral pulses.
Brachial, radial and femoral pulses were symmetrical with decreased amplitude.
Findings of cardiopulmonary failure started in the first 48 hours of life as in our patient, bilateral femoral pulses were inpalpable, renal functions tests and transaminase levels were increased and PEG2 infusion was initiated considering AC or IA with ECHO findings.