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When they got to the top of the fence they began to get down on the other side and soon were in the forest.
So, finding they could not destroy me, they drove me into this forest and built a fence around me.
He had had a nice, good, idle time all the while -- plenty of company -- and the fence had three coats of whitewash on it
During the years he had served as master of fence at the English Court the sons of royalty had learned to thrust and parry and cut as only De Vac could teach the art; and he had been as conscientious in the discharge of his duties as he had been in his unswerving hatred and contempt for his pupils.
On the sidewalk at the side of Winney's Dry Goods Store where there was a high board fence covered with circus pictures, he stopped whistling and stood perfectly still in the darkness, attentive, listening as though for a voice calling his name.
She sprang up, the broken spear standing in her breast, sniffed at Umslopogaas, then, as though she knew that it was he who had robbed her, she seized him by the loins and moocha, and sprang with him over the fence.
And the bodies of three men hung on her picket fence.
Quite without surprise, she saw the strikers leaping the fence, trampling her few little geraniums and pansies into the earth as they fled between Mercedes' house and hers.
Fences are fences, especially when they are in the same place.
We weren't talking of real fences," said Lucy, laughing.
Those behind the fence frequently shouted and yelped in taunts and gibelike cries, but the regi- ment maintained a stressed silence.
There were neat fences at the sides of the road, painted a dainty blue color, and beyond them were fields of grain and vegetables in abundance.