fence off

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The county government should consider fencing off the garbage sites to prevent donkeys from reaching those places and getting harmed," said Mr Kidege.Mr Said Hassan said for the past several years, there have been numerous calls from members of the public and environmental activists for the county government to fence off the garbage sites to prevent possible outbreak of diseases but nothing has so far been done.
Some of those who spoke during the stormy meeting claimed the move to fence off the land will deny them the opportunity to reap benefits, which include water and medicinal herbs, which they have long enjoyed.
At 12:30 hours, an Israeli infantry patrol of 9 elements crossed the technical fence off the town of Adaisseh, 150 meters into disputable area, for half an hour.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli army deployed six armored personnel carriers and erected six tents near the fence off the village of Dhairah in Southern Lebanon.
WORK will soon start to fence off Tubli Bay in a bid to stop illegal reclamation said to be destroying the area.
Earlier this year, the Patna High Court had asked the state government to vacate parts of the official bungalow of the minister to allow Drigonmeshwar and Pujari to fence off part of the land.
THE miniature railway society commented on the welcome attraction it is as a service to the public, but the fact remains all other clubs and societies in the park do not fence off their area permanently to the general public from their own park, only letting them in on 13 days a year and charging them for the privilege.
The dispute has been rumbling on for decades and follows an aborted attempt by the school to fence off the area six years ago.
The NKZI has considered various solutions in addition to building a wall to fence off the line, which might turn out to be rather costly.
Some of these sites have already been filled this way,AcentsAA he said, adding that the municipality is also forcing owners to fence off their sites.
Inset: Coun Matt Redmond who is appalled at the decision to fence off the statue.