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The reason we have fenced off a big area is because it has been requested that we take the silt out of the pond and give the life forms chance to get off the silt and get back in the pond.
The church will remain open as normal but the hole will stay fenced off during the repairs.
Trantaphyllides explained the required number of signatures among MEPs were collected, making the written statement calling on Turkey to help towards returning the fenced off part of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants an official position of the European Parliament.
I am sure these visitors will be thrilled to walk past a foul smelling fenced off field.
The pool was fenced off and locked, but the boy somehow got inside and jumped, or fell into, the pool, the tipster said.
It will be fenced off when the developers move in and will only be accessible to those who pay to fish.
EPA and Matteo & Sons have fenced off areas with high levels of lead and removed contaminated soil in certain areas of the trailer park to protect residents.
A computer tycoon is trying to settle a dispute with a historic village cricket club after he fenced off part of the ground used by spectators.
In the lush green cityscape, formerly affluent German villas are now being fenced off and dressed up in red brick and chic watch-towers.
From August 2001 to March 2002, the section from Third to Seventh streets will be fenced off between the National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum.
An area near the playground of Uig School on the Isle of Lewis has been fenced off to protect them from the phosphorous.
The entrance to the enclosure, along the back of Tattersalls, had been fenced off and no other means of entry, for non-members, was available.