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Councillor Maria Crompton, Sandwell Council's cabinet member for safer communities, said: "The pool is now fenced off to the public."
The wood was rotten on both, and council officials have warned the rest of the equipment is not far behind, which could lead to the entire park being fenced off.
During this time, around half of the grassed area next to the public toilets will be fenced off.
Such fenced off areas give plants a chance to recover and increase seed production that can be harvested for seeding other areas.
A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: "Local residents raised concerns with us that drug use, including discarded needles, drug dealing and other anti-social behaviour was occurring beneath the bridge overhangs and requested that the they be fenced off. This has been done in consultation with the police.
It has already fenced off about a 150-kilometer portion of the border identified as 'highly prone' to terrorist infiltration.
A 19th CENTURY building has been fenced off after council officials said it was in 'imminent danger of collapse.'.
The area had already been fenced off after locals raised concerns about its stability.
Although the land belongs to the railways, it was never fenced off. Now is the time to fence off all the land that belongs to the railways.
The coastal town is seeing a sea-change resulting from a massive influx of investment and workers from China, with large sections of Ochheuteal Beach cleared of vendors and fenced off for a massive development project headed by tycoon Kith Meng of Royal Group and an unnamed Chinese partner.
The Talai Council of Elders met to discuss the dispute and said workers sent by the CS had fenced off 34 acres instead of the 16 she claims to have bought.
The land at Cwmdonkin Terrace inUplandswas fenced off 18 months ago after its owners wrote to residents saying they would be liable for any injury to people accessing the land.