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12) The Chancery Court would enforce the duties of the feoffees, or trustees, as the grantor had intended.
Esta caracteristica diferenciaba a un feoffee de un administrador (bailiff) o de un arrendatario por tiempo determinado (lessee).
The beneficiary had no interest capable of enforcement by the courts of common law and had no way at law of seeking relief in respect of misconduct by the feoffee whom we would equate with the trustee in modern terms.
Every feoffee except one obtained the office of bridgemaster in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and, in years not serving themselves, they seem to have appointed kin.
15) The Statute tried to convert all equitable uses into legal estates by eliminating the feoffee to uses, making the beneficiary the legal owner.
Stephens Church in London and a member of the Feoffees of Impropriations, Davenport found himself doggedly pursued by Laud, brought before the High Commission, and threatened with arrest.
Priscilla Blundell's husband, also called Peter, belonged to a collateral branch of the founder's family and, according to The Donations of Peter Blundell by Benjamin Incledon (1802), both he and his son John served as a Feoffees (Trustees) of the school (Appendix One, xlv).
Mr Peter Jones, Headmaster; Margot James MP, Mr Malcolm Wilcox, Chairman of Feoffees & Chairman of Governors.
An example of the experience of a puritan communitarian network under Laudianism is provided by the Feoffees for Impropriations.
He] conveyed his property to various feoffees, to the use of himself and certain of his heirs--specifically, the heirs he might beget by marrying a series of six women, all of whom were already married to other men--then for ten years as he might appoint by his will--then to his feoffees' use during Christopher's life--then to the use of Christopher's male heirs.
She also endowed the Cathedral Church of St Peter's and its high altar, and also a perpetual chantry to be governed by a board of feoffees.
land caused a "forfeiture of the said lands to the feoffees or