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All the feoffees of the bridge trust acted as jurors during this small span of years.
Second, by and large the members of the group, the feoffees, avoided the lower offices of the manorial jurisdiction.
It seems, nevertheless, that feoffees actively avoided these lower roles.
By and large, the streetmasters were recruited from among the poorer sort, and the office avoided by the feoffees.
The feoffees contrived to evade these lower offices.
46) Dissatisfaction arose, however, resulting in a Chancery suit, the resolution of which resulted in the dismissal of these feoffees and the decree that henceforth a bridgemaster should be selected in alternate years, one year by the feoffees, and another year by the inhabitants contributing to the relief of the poor.
Several of the others were feoffees of the "trust," including Barfote, Blower, Clarke, Fowler, Godwyne, and Woolley.
From at least 1592, he had taken the lease from the feoffees of the three messuages in Churchgate--formerly the Great Hall--and a cottage in Baxtergate.
Common law procedure "was virtually useless" for investigating "matters like secret instructions given by a feoffor to his feoffees to uses.
Picture: ROY KILCULLEN; CASH HELP: Richard Keynon, chairman of the Feoffees of Bond's Hospital Estates Charity
The Grade II listed Old Farm Hall in Fillongley and its land is expected to fetch about pounds 1 million for the Feoffees of Bond's Hospital Estate Charity.
Richard Dyott, clerk to the Feoffees and to the trustees of the CCMC, said: "It is with sadness that a historical link has been broken.