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12) The Chancery Court would enforce the duties of the feoffees, or trustees, as the grantor had intended.
Era frecuente hacer la transmision a varios feoffees en comun para protegerse de que las restricciones legales fueran aplicadas a cada uno de ellos individualmente, y ademas podian nombrarse nuevos feojfees conforme pasaba el tiempo.
In 1630, rising star of the establishment and later biographer of Laud, Peter Heylyn, delivered a sermon at Oxford in which he denounced the Feoffees for Impropriations as an enclave of sedition.
All the feoffees of the bridge trust acted as jurors during this small span of years.
the same in feoffees or trustees, according to the said act or acts;
Over the centuries it has been used as a prison, a court and a school and once was a meeting room for the Lord Feoffees, who are now sole trustees of this Grade I-listed building and scheduled Ancient Monument.
1578-1653) ministered in London, served as one of the Feoffees for Impropriations in the early part of the reign of Charles I, and in the revolutionary decades was an active promoter of the Presbyterian system.
The original account is worth quoting here: 'All the district governors and feoffees tooled fireworks and set them off outside the pavilions: some "mighty elephants", some "hand diamonds", others li krok bhum and le' ga, "stars" and "moons", Chinese crackers and hangers, double stars and double moons.
There continued to be some central leadership, most notably in the secretive Feoffees for Impropriations.
The case that the law of trusts must be able to remedy, quaintly known as the problem of the "faithless feoffees," arises when the trustees promise the settlor to devote the trust property to the beneficiaries and accept the property, but then appropriate it to themselves.
The tenements fell into two groups: those which had always been held of the manor by individual copyhold tenants, and a group which prior to 1552 had been held by feoffees to the use of chantry and other foundations.
made by the children's feoffees, for the house called The Maidenhead, to Warwick garrison, for thirty-three months.