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Two of the founding members of Fermata, Derek Eiler and Chris Prindiville, will be joining Fanatics College.
In realta, i Luigini erano rimasti offesi dalla descrizione fatta della loro condizione in Cristo si e fermata a Eboli ed i contadini analfabeti non avevano letto il suo libro" (Amendola, 1979).
Nicholson Baker has made a reputation on the experimental edge of fiction, and he's never shied away from the controversy that his novels generate: witness his take on phone sex in Vox or the "chronanisms" of an oversexed office temp in The Fermata.
Nella vita come nella metropolitana, Rosario e dentro un tunnel dal quale non riesce a vedere fuori, e ogni fermata e come un'opportunita perduta di uscire dalla vita criminale.
But the truce--a welcome fermata in the symphony of destruction--illustrated a timeless truth of the nature of the human soul as designed by its Creator.
non mi piacendo la favola 9ia fermata per piu rispetti .
The B C A figure concludes Moment 11, succeeded by a sustained and cadential B punctuated by a fermata.
As the barest sort of structuring device--merely a fermata to sip from his water bottle--Etchells repeats every 10 minutes or so that he wrote to friends and asked them to send video clips and "stories.
While it's a relief to see Baker getting away from the fussbudget pornography of his recent novels Vox and The Fermata, his genius for passionately detailed, morally complex descriptive writing rarely appears in this jeremiad.
Vox, of course, is the Moby Dick of phone-sex narratives, the book Monica gave Bill so that he'd get the idea; The Fermata, duller but longer, is no one's idea of a gift.
Play all the chords slowly and the runs fast, and pause a little at each fermata.
Salzburg will surely sit up at Rattle's no-holds-barred opening to the Fifth Symphony, one-in-a-bar and with not much of a a pause on the first fermata .