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This study found the fermentable fiber insulin restored gut health and protected mice against metabolic syndrome induced by a high-fat diet by restoring gut microbiota levels, increasing the production of intestinal epithelial cells and restoring expression of the protein interleukin-22 (IL-22), which prevented gut microbiota from invading epithelial cells.
1994b), the amount and quality of protein (Whittemore, 1997), and the amount and characteristics of fermentable fiber in the diets (Le Goff and Noblet, 2001).
If it's a lot of fermentable fiber or sugar alcohols, that could be the explanation.
Beet pulp provides mixed soluble and insoluble, moderately fermentable fiber.
Their website states: "Citrucel with SmartFiber contains only 100% non-fermentable fiber, so none of it ferments to cause excess gas like the fermentable fiber in Metamucil.
People who consistently eat plenty of fiber, such as in a vegan, vegetarian, or Mediterranean diet, tend to have higher levels of SCFAs, suggesting that the amount of fermentable fiber from fruit, vegetables, and legumes matters more than the type of diet.