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Additive effects of fermented juice of epiphytic lactic acid bacteria on the fermentative quality of guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.
Moreover, it has been postulated that laying hens may be more susceptible to heat stress as they become aged because of increased fermentative capacity (e.
A decrease of seven percentage points in the fermentative efficiency is observed for energy cane juice in relation to the variety of sugarcane in a 24-hour fermentation cycle with the baking yeast.
To achieve high organic acid production, homo and hetero fermentative lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are used as additives.
In our study, the grape must (Black Muscat) is an excellent reservoir of Non-Saccharomycesyeasts as evidenced by the results obtained, we met different fermentative species such as T.
Akerberg C & Zacchi G (2000) An economic evaluation of the fermentative production of lactic acid from wheat flour.
Its purpose is to gather, from German industrial and financial actors, the funds required to build and operate Germany's first fermentative isobutene production plant".
Studies conducted on fermentation of teff using it as the sole source of microorganisms indicate that a metabolically associated heterogeneous group of fermentative, aerogenic, gram-negative rods, lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus spp.
Sugar in biomass of sweet sorghum is readily fermentable and thus it can be considered as a tremendous raw material for fermentative hydrogen production.
While fermentative stevia is identical to the plant extract, it yields a higher purity, according to DSM.