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The Fermented Green Chile Base came about because we had so many poblanos, jalapenos, and green chiles all ripening at the same time.
Consumption of fermented milks has been established to have enormous health benefits to human beings and great potential in improving the nutritional status of young children [9].
Results indicated that fermented spice's antimicrobial efficacy depends upon the type of meat product and the contaminating microorganism.
Including fermented foods in the diet can offer potential health benefits.
Offering a fermented chilled vegetable-based snack that is ready-to-eat can connect to that idea of traditional use and be credible.
Humans have enjoyed fermented foods--from wine, beer, and vinegar to pickles, olives, yogurt, and cheese--for millennia.
In addition, Wohlfahrtiimonas was found for the first time in fermented food in this experiment, revealing the security risks of traditional methods.
The 15 chapters in this volume examine traditional fermented food products from Latin America, including their Pre-Colombian nutritional heritage and products based on local food ingredients.
The recent trend in well-being has been driving the use of natural and milder ingredients, presenting the perfect opportunity for fermented skin care to succeed," added Chan.
Fermented 2015 Jordan Estate Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, 2015 (13.
A small percentage of the viognier grapes - plucked from grapes grown on stony terraces, limestone and shale, near the Mediterranean coast - are fermented and then aged in oak barrels for three months.