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The barrels were inoculated after a three-day cold soak, but the tanks started fermenting spontaneously five days after heating and peaked at 85[degrees] F.
Not only does fermenting feed reduce intake, it also increases weight gain, egg production, and egg weight.
The media of choice were nutrient agar, macConkey agar and sabouraud dextrose agar for the enumeration of total heterotrophic bacteria, lactose fermenting bacteria and fungi respectively.
homogenization at the temperature 65-70 0C and pressure 7-10 MP, cooling to the temperature of fermenting 28-350C;
Researchers at the University of Illinois and the Instituto de Fermentaciones Industriales (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain found that fermenting soy beans significantly reduced immunoreactivity--by as much as 99 percent.
The yeast Saccharomyces--used for centuries to make wine, beer, and bread--is the most efficient microorganism for fermenting glucose to ethanol.
Genetically engineered microbes that produce thermoplastic polymers by fermenting cornstarch or sugar are going to start nibbling away at hydrocarbon-based resins more quickly than is generally expected.
She then selected a yeast that could ferment xylose, but which was not effective for fermenting glucose, and cloned from it three genes responsible for producing the xylose-fermenting enzymes.
If some of the fermenting bread was saved before it was baked and added to dough that had not yet begun to ferment, the fresh dough would ferment in its turn.
Though fermenting vegetables without salt is possible, a little salt results in far superior flavor and texture--and just as much beneficial bacteria.