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"Because I am a bigger bit of the ferment than you?
Heads began to ferment. A tempest, which was only rumbling in the distance as yet, was floating on the surface of this crowd.
Meantime, the purpose of the Governor, in disturbing the peace of the town at a period when the slightest commotion might throw the country into a ferment, was almost the universal subject of inquiry, and variously explained.
Fermented grape-juice known to the Women's Christian Union as "liquor," sometimes as "rum." Wine, madam, is God's next best gift to man.
Shockey and Christopher Shockey; MISO, TEMPEH, NATTO & OTHER TASTY FERMENTS; Storey Publishing (Nonfiction: Cooking) 29.95 ISBN: 9781612129884
Kombucha is sweet tea plus yeast that ferments some of the tea's sugar into alcohol and bacteria that ferment the alcohol into acid.
Katz fully embraces experimentation and isn't at all bothered if his ferments come out uniquely different every time.
Pot, "The taxonomy of lactic acid bacteria," in Bacteries lactiques: De la Genetique Aux Ferments, G.
The microbiological analysis of the ferment after the fermentative cycles revealed that a higher number of yeasts was found in the CF, but for both ferments there was a decrease along the cycles.
Ho's solution was to create a genetically modified strain of Saccharomyces that simultaneously ferments both glucose and xylose to ethanol.
Included in the free workshop will be tastes of homemade ferments and a discussion of the nutritional benefits and history of fermented foods.