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Both smashed ferociously to gain points for their teams.
The Nigerian resisted him ferociously and punched the law enforcement officer on his nose.
CHRIS EUBANK JR insists Nick Blackwell's plight will only make him fight "more ferociously" in future.
Ferociously quarrelling Petruchio and Kate are played by ferociously quarrelling Fred Graham, also the director of the show, and Lilli Vanessi, who happens to be Fred's still doting ex-wife.
The big bully, roaring ferociously, shoved his victim to the ground, forcing the weaker bear to drop his catch, which he then pinched.
One can only hope Western tests will give this ferociously well-acted winner a shot.
A resident of Min county told AFP he was at work at a medicine production plant when the tremor struck and he saw tower blocks shake "ferociously".
When one year ago, he was entrusted a new term of office, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski could not have tell that the European debt crisis would attack so ferociously, which made him focus on a higher economic growth, investments and new jobs, setting aside the name issue and the stuck European and Euro-Atlantic integration.
From the looks of this photo, you would never know the two men have grappled ferociously for years.
Judge Brian Lewis said: "This was a ferociously long weapon used not for stabbing but for swinging and capable of causing terrible injuries."
The London MC is ferociously talented, with a charisma and presence equal to any more established artist.