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Whether it is the farcical NGO trials attempting to undermine human rights and their defenders or moral accusations aimed at portraying activists in an immoral light, whether as traitors or infidels, the tactic hasn't changed, but the ferociousness and efficiency of the attacks have been improved.
In Epode 17 Canidia's mercilessness is compared to the ferociousness of wild dogs tearing Hector's corpse apart.
m m "It was the ferociousness of their approach at the start of the match eir ch that really blew Donegal away within 20 minutes.
The ferociousness of these attacks is increasing and it's something that we better get a handle on," Rogers added.
The Kuno sanctuary in MP's Sheopur district, about 400 km from the state capital, is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country as it gets ready to witness roaring and ferociousness of lions.
The fights with OHV users over the alcohol ban and camping restrictions were contentious, but the ferociousness of the tussle over the trail closures is almost unprecedented, said Frank Davis, a planner at the Siuslaw National Forest.
In reality, that consensus exists, but amidst the ferociousness and emotions of the political struggle, the MPs lose sight of the picture presented to the citizens.
The Sri Lankan military and LTTE fighters acted with a ferociousness which resulted in scant regard for preserving life.
He has experience, which will come in handy in the ferociousness of a derby.
As the fire's ferociousness grew, mandatory evacuations in northwest Colorado Springs were expanded from the Mountain Shadows area to include military housing on the academy itself.
The ferociousness of Heaney's 'Actaeon', with its hounds that 'tear out mouthfuls of hide and flesh and blood/From what he was', compounds the formal damage done to the painting with the real damage inflicted on its subject.