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Fiona revealed the SSPCA rehomed 135 ferrets this year and added: "Any ferret can be a good ferret, it's really down to the owner on how they train it and look after it.
Anyone had the opportunity to sponsor a shelter ferret to compete in the day's games, with a $3 entrance fee required if the sponsor wanted the ferret to be eligible to win a medal.
There are a lot of people who think they would like to keep a ferret but don't know how to handle them," she said.
6) As missions were flown and experience gained, the B-17 ferrets were equipped with upgraded radar receivers and better navigation equipment to enable more accurate ferret operations.
Ferret HEV RNA was detected by using a nested, broad-spectrum reverse transcription PCR (15).
Despite the attack, Collette eventually managed to get the furious ferret in a box.
PCSOs Alan Blackburn and Rhian James with Bobbie the ferret
2002 at 1000 h BJM observed an encounter between a black-tailed prairie dog and an adult female black-footed ferret on the Main Locke prairie dog colony in UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana.
The ceremony in County Durham was attended by 75 ferret friends and 40 of their owners in a bid to raise the profile of the animals by North Pennine Ferret Welfare.
Their lavish wedding, held at the Chapel of the Pit Village at Beamish Museum in County Durham, was attended by 75 ferret friends and 40 of their owners on Christmas Eve.
After a ferret has eaten a prairie dog, it moves into the burrow where the prairie dog used to live (see Under the Prairie, below).
Nevertheless, the right partners and the right actions have been, and continue to be, in place, and the status of the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) has improved dramatically as a result.