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During May 2012-January 2013, through a government-supported program of routine disease surveillance of free-range dead wild animals that had been killed by vehicles or were receiving treatment for injuries and/ or illness at the wildlife first aid station, 3 dead Taiwan ferret badgers (TWFB; M.
After the rabies diagnoses for the initial 3 ferret badgers were confirmed, by the end of August of 2013, rabies had been diagnosed by fluorescence antibody testing for an additional 105 dead or ill and euthanized ferret badgers and 1 shrew.
Initial supportive treatment was provided at the wildlife first aid station, but the ferret badgers died within 1-3 days, and their carcasses were submitted to the School of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, for routine disease surveillance.
Phylogenetic analysis using the nucleoprotein and the glycoprotein genes (Table 2) demonstrated that the ferret badger rabies virus isolate (ZJ-LA, isolated from a badger in Lin'an County of Hangzhou, Zhejiang) had 89.
Ferret badger bites leaded to seven human rabies cases [in Chinese].