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Plants collected from banni region (between North latitudes of 23[degrees]19' and 23[degrees]52'N and East longitudes of 68[degrees]56' to 70[degrees]32'E Kutch, Gujarat) were the Dactylactenium sindicum, Cenchrus biflorus, Sporobolus fertilis, Alelurops lagopoides, Eleusine indica, Chlorius barbata and Cenchrus ciliaris.
Sabic's businesses are grouped into chemicals, polymers, performance chemicals, fertilis ers, metals and innovative plastics.
Foi conduzido um experimento em granja comercial no municipio de Sinop-MT, durante 21 dias do mes de fevereiro de 2011, utilizando 24 leitoes femeas e 24 leitoes machos castrados da fase inicial, apresentando media de idade de 50 dias e peso inicial de 11,22 [+ or -] 2,2 kg, obtidos de cruzamentos de matrizes da linhagem comercial Fertilis 20 (Genetiporc), com reprodutores da linhagem comercial 415 (Agroceres Pic) O experimento foi realizado em delineamento experimental em blocos ao acaso com tres tratamentos, quatro repeticoes, quatro animais por unidade experimental, perfazendo doze unidades experimentais.
Experiments were conducted in a commercial swine farm, which have a breeding herd of 400 crossbred sows (Genetiporc - Fertilis 20), located in Rio Grande do Sul State, in the southern region of Brazil.
1] de Fertilis 38[R], que contem 10% de N, 3% de Mg, 10% de S, 3% de B, 2% de Cu, Fe e Mn, 0,1% de Mo e 8% de Zn.
ingenium positis irritet Musa poetis: Bacche, soles Phoebo fertilis esse tuo.
uror, ut indomitis ignem exercentibus Euris, fertilis accensis messibus ardet aget.
En Colombia se encuentran 20 especies, entre 100 y 3900 m de altitud, con algunas especies (Cranichis fertilis, C.
317-18, "Lyciae quoque fertilis agris / non inpune deam veteres sprevere coloni" [the colonists of old, about the fertile fields of Lycia, did not spurn the goddess unpunished]), to the grandest.
000 2003 FFS Plot 26 1482 563 941 369 513 322 Pesticid Cost Fertilis Cost (US$/ha) (US$/ha) Year Types N Mean SD Mean SD 2001 FFS 78 74 3l 94 38 Non-FFS 59 72 37 95 34 Control 53 144 207 121 39 Overall 190 93 117 102 39 Sig.
12) If the number of donor offspring created using each donor's gametes is limited, as it is in the United Kingdom under the Human Fertilis ation and Embryology Regulations, (13) and if donors are not considered legal parents, then the prospect of identification and contact may not be as daunting as it once was.