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The general character of the United States, of the Canadas, and of Mexico, is that of luxuriant fertility.
The fertility of the plain was delightful: the autumn being advanced, the leaves of many of the fruit-trees were falling; and of the labourers, -- some were busy in drying figs and peaches on the roofs of their cottages, while others were gathering the grapes from the vineyards.
On either side extended a ruinous wooden fence of open lattice-work, through which could be seen a grassy yard, and, especially in the angles of the building, an enormous fertility of burdocks, with leaves, it is hardly an exaggeration to say, two or three feet long.
The windy springs and the blazing summers, one after another, had enriched and mellowed that flat tableland; all the human effort that had gone into it was coming back in long, sweeping lines of fertility.
ACCORDING to Fertility UK, one in six couples face fertility issues and National Fertility Awareness Week (October 31 to November 6) is aimed at sharing advice and information for those affected.
com), "Feed Your Fertility: Your Guide to Cultivating a Healthy Pregnancy with Chinese Medicine, Real Food, and Holistic Living" is specifically written for women who want to make a healthy baby and have a healthy pregnancy; are interested in a holistic approach to fertility; who need to optimize their fertility due to age or health conditions; and are you trying to conceive and experiencing challenges.
YOUNG adults are putting their future chances of parenthood at risk by their lack of knowledge about their fertility, experts have said.
The global fertility testing devices market was estimated at USD 151m in 2015 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 7.
The number of births per 1,000 women of childbearing age (15 to 50) within a year is a standard demographic measure known as the general fertility rate.
The fertility center located in Huntington, West Virginia, joins the more than 100 facilities included in ReproTech's Fertility Preservation Network.
Any policy whether it is on fertility or on any other area requires the understanding and change in the behaviour of the people of different groups of population in the direction of modernization.
Targeted for healthcare providers, Fertility Preservation is a concise and accessible guide with a multidisciplinary approach, written by experts in their fields, and has the goal of providing updated information about fertility preservation options for both men and women.