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sup][2],[3],[4] For this reason, in 2010, Adamson and Pasta [sup][5] proposed the endometriosis fertility index (EFI) as a new scoring system.
With the help of the pathologist Tubular Fertility Index was determined using light microscopy with 40x magnification.
Neoadjuvant gonadotropin-releasing hormone therapy before surgery may improve the fertility index in undescended testes: A prospective randomized trial.
2] Reports have suggested that orchidopexy be performed before 1 year of age to minimize germ cell loss as fertility index (number of spermatogonia per tubule) is adversely affected in boys with cryptorchid testes beyond a year.
Moreover, the fertility index in individual spikelets was also maximum in this cultivar (4.
The fertility index, gestation index, post-natal viability index, weaning viability index and sex ratio were calculated.
Soil fertility index = pH + organic matter (%, dry soil basis)+ available P (mg/kg dry soil) + exch K (c eq/kg dry soil) + exch Ca (c eq/kg dry soil) + exch Mg (c eq/kg dry soil)--exch Al (c eq/kg dry soil) [1]