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Thackeray moderates the Aeschylean "iron scourge" of the goddess into a "ferule," and although the original ode does not expressly set her on a throne, she still seems, as the "Daughter of Jove," to deserve the honor.
Entre les deux, s'etait intercale l'Atletico de Madrid qui, sous la ferule de Diego Simeone, termine sur le podium de la Liga espagnole pour la premiere fois depuis 17 ans.
At the end of the monitoring period, the passive sampler was closed with a brass cap and nut, equipped with a polyperfluoroethylene ferule, and kept at-20[degrees]C until analysis, performed by thermal desorption followed by gas chromatography/ flame ionization detector analysis (Fustinoni et al.
Vallenilla enfonce le clou jusqu'a justifier directement, sans ambages, la tyrannie: non seulement le <<peuple>> n'existe pas, non seulement il a besoin de la ferule d'un maitre sans concessions pour esperer trouver sa forme et sa place organiques, mais il doit etre guide d'une main de fer, une fois forme, afin de correspondre a l'image du Venezuela qui doit se realiser.
Frappier, 'La diffusion des oeuvres licencieuses et politiques sous la ferule des IVeme et Veme Republiques', pp302-312; J.
A partir des annees 1980, ce sont ensuite les progres du fn, sous la ferule de Jean-Marie Le Pen, et les carrieres de deputes ou ministres des droites parlementaires des anciens chefs d'ON qui ont refaconne son image en <<ecole de cadres>> turbulente et factieuse de la droite gouvernementale.
She was allegedly tortured for 22 days by punching, ferule, and electric shock devices.
When soldering up a manifold, if 20' lengths of copper pipe isn't your thing, the same preheater can be made from joining two to four coils of copper tubing with compression or ferule fittings and again use this to feed into the supply line of your water heater.
Enjoy your play time now and come again to study and to feel the birch rod and ferule tomorrow.
If they were lucky, the wood stove cast some heat, but by a February mid-day the ink was frozen in the older children's jars and the littlest ones were in tears of misery and struck with a ferule if they whispered or wiggled.
the yield value was maximum (3.5%) in Trachyspermum ammi, whereas it was minimum (1.00%) in Ferule Ovina.
After squatting down to wash his hands, he seated himself on a large rock opposite Telimena and, leaning forward on the ivory ball of his prodigious ferule, began to speak.