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The animal you describe is in truth a species of the bos ferus, (or bos sylvestris, as he has been happily called by the poets,) but, though of close affinity, it is altogether distinct from the common bubulus.
L'evenement livresque a draine durant dix jours les ferus du livre de tous ages, ainsi qu'un public bigarre.
The ships will run on both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and diesel, and are being built at the Scheepswerf Ferus Smit yard in the Netherlands for Sweden based Erik Thun AB.
In 1960, the dealer Irving Blum used a photo of sculptor Ken Price on a surfboard to announce the artist's first solo exhibition at Ferus Gallery, the space Walter Hopps had opened in LA in 1957.
Les Tunisiens et les ferus des produits authentiques et originaux pourraient trouver, a ce salon qui intervient a presque deux semaine de la fin d'annee, leurs comptes.
The outsize personality of Billy Al Bengston looms large in the prescribed historical narrative of Southland art--all wan sunshine and Ferus Gallery machismo--and even larger as the framing device for his own work.
8200;Les ferus des courses hippiques s'en souviendront.
This EPFC contract has been awarded to the company's subsidiary, Matrix Service Inc, by Eagle LNG, a micro-liquefaction company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP.
Warhol has a first art show at the Ferus Gallery; Dennis and Brooke Hopper throw Andy a "real Hollywood party"; Warhol meets his idol Marcel Duchamp; and Warhol and crew shoot a movie called Tarzan and Jane Regained .
It was reintroduced in France in the 1970s, according to the wildlife group Ferus.
A new cement carrier being built at the Scheepswerf Ferus Smit yard in the Netherlands will feature a 6-cylinder Wartsila 34DF main engine, making it the first bulk carrier to adopt Wartsila's multi fuel capability.
En termes de flux, l'on note que parmi les nationalites europeennes, les Italiens sont ferus du produit Sahariens et grands consommateurs d'excursions dans le sud tunisien.