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That is, we must maintain a proper relationship with music so that it elevates our minds to higher things, increasing the fervency of prayer rather than merely soothing or exciting us.
54) These immigrants brought to the colonies a deep education in Iberian literary traditions as well as a new fervency.
Middle Age Romanian conception of the world was dominated by a strong instinct of the divine presence, the Romanians being touched by the fervency of the religious manifestations and keeping the traditions inherited from the Byzantine world: the cult of the martyr saints, of the icons, of the healing saints.
Their fervency to preserve this site speaks volumes of their awareness on the importance of heritage.
The extensive roadwork that's taken over JLT has only increased in fervency over the past year.
Many of these prayers exhibited great fervency and power, and afforded the highest degree of comfort, both to those who offered them and to those who heard them.
Given the fervency of people's opinions, particularly when it comes to singers they like and dislike, there is something to be said for a singer who enjoys essentially unanimous acclaim among peers, audiences, and critics alike.
Fervency breeds rigidity, a poison pill for the easily-caricatured critic of the "mainstream media.
Despite Winters' unmistakable fervency, it's not clear if implied nudity violates broadcast decency laws, and there is evidence to suggest that the courts have become more lenient in doling out fines to broadcasters.
This accounts for the contemporary fervency of political life, a fervency that properly belongs to the sphere of religion.
Casanas numbered among a group of Franciscan friars who underwent an intense period of evangelical fervency during the seventeenth century.