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Fervent has received assistance from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and its Eastern Regional Office, headed by Mark Phillips, vice president of statewide operations and executive director of the office.
I hate this feeling but after having read your article I now know that the strong patriotism in Mexico is just as fervent as it is here.
FRANK WILLIAMS feels McLaren and Ferrari will again be out in front from the start of the new Formula One season - but with the fervent hope his team are back challenging.
We generally ensure all things that whenever festival comes they enjoy in a fervent way.
Teacher and Waterford supporter Dennis Doyle knows exactly how it feels as he was hopelessly outnumbered by fervent Kilkenny supporters yesterday.
FERVENT PRINCE, gelded for "not trying" as a two-year-old, clearly bears no grudges judged by his winning return in the 7f handicap.
This first edition features Adele, Gnarls Barkley and James Taylor, along with Jools' fervent belief everything can be improved by the addition of a boogie-woogie piano.
May I express the fervent hope that Jeremy's meeting with the chief executive will remedy this worrying situation?
WHEN I left Coventry for USA in 1967 I was a fervent Sky Blues supporter and had been a season ticket holder for several years.
Fervent Electrical Corporation signed a 1,200 s/f lease.
We don't often find ourselves in alignment with fervent Republicans, and we're surprised that a gay-porn distributor would, politically speaking, climb into bed with them.
The fourth book in author and fervent believer Helena Lehman's "Language of God" series, The Language of God in Prophecy specifically explores Biblical prophecy and God's symbolic language to reveal God's vision for the forthcoming End Times.