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The statement said: 'As they join their counterparts worldwide to emulate the worthy example of Jesus Christ who fasted 40 days at the beginning of His earthly ministry, the President urges christian brothers and sisters to pray fervently for the country's unity and progress.
Although Bergoglio claims he worked fervently behind the scenes to help the dissenters and got the Church to apologise for its callousness forty years later, anyone paying attention at the time saw the most influential religious institution in the land being hand- in- glove with a murderous junta, all so that the Church could do what the secret instructions had called for: retaining power and influence at all costs.
I hope fervently (or I fervently hope) that I am not the sole reader of this admirable book.
We can all believe fervently whatever we want, but we don't know.
Astruggling economy and the likelihood of a fervently anti-gun administration has businesses across the spectrum of the shooting sports pondering a number of questions.
Web of Conspiracy" is a must for anyone who fervently seeks truth in many of the world's mysteries.
With an eye on the Israel-can-do-no-wrong crowd, Obama at times has sounded more fervently Zionist than many Zionists about Israel's policies.
A New Jersey man who impersonated a fervently Orthodox Jew for years was given a prison sentence for using a stolen identity.
Mosley has not denied these claims - insisting what he did was "harmless and completely legal" - but he has strongly refuted a Nazi connotation implied in the article, while also fervently bemoaning the invasion of his privacy.
IF you're still struggling with a giant hangover and promise fervently "never to drink again", you might welcome Coca-Cola non-alcoholic cocktails.
PUT simply, those who believe fervently in the EU do so "as they know much better than we do what is good for us".
Whilst hopes for its future so fervently she keeps.