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On Tuesday, buoyed by his crowd in Phoenix, Trump was back to raging against just about everyone who crossed his field of vision, 77 minutes worth of anger that began, as the evening wore on, to exhaust even his most fervid listeners, who began quietly to fade away.
amp;nbsp;However, with such fervid support on both sides of the aisle for JASTA, it's very possible Obama's veto could be overridden for the first time during his presidency.
Aficionados, raised on the LaSalle Quartet's rather analytical vintage recordings, will find the Diotima give refreshingly vibrant, even fervid performances.
Put their billions together, add their fervid belief in conservative-libertarian principles, their determination to make what had been fringe ideas part and parcel of the Republican Party's thinking, their ability to create the multipronged structure to do it and the Citizens United decision, and you have a changed political scene in America.
Every one of those unnamed officers, in House's fervid musings, were guilty of serious corruption.
Art and culture however remain integral to life in the fervid Lebanese capital.
We want to continue the national energy policy discussion and stay above the partisan fray, and immune from the misinformation campaign deployed by fervid critics of fossil fuels.
After an injury barred him from pursuing another of his fervid hobbies, basketball, his interest in motorbikes intensified.
There's a lot more than just sun and sex teeming beneath the glistening surface of Luca Guadagnino's "A Bigger Splash," which takes Jacques Deray's coolly seductive 1969 "La Piscine" as the platform from which it dives into far deeper--and more explicitly fervid --psychological waters.
In India, this segment has received great VC interest, though there is a fervid movement with more than 69 home solutions firms being founded in 2014.
Dense with biblical allusions, it depicts the fervid indignation of a prisoner approaching the electric chair full of "truth and consequence".
But would all the fervid preparations for these atmospherics be to the liking and approval of Pope Francis?