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Singer's archeological inventory details the "curious intimacy" of excavation, as each man fervidly declares his abject passion for Cinna and accuses the other of victimizing her.
It comes off the bottom and flitters fervidly, showing its white underbelly.
NEA has been fervidly lobbying for a more reasoned and nurturing approach--and the bill the Senate will debate in January gets close.
He also noticed the music stand and instantly recognized Bruch's Concerto in G minor for Violin and Orchestra, but he heard no sound, although the window was open and the young man was playing fervidly.
1) This characterization was echoed in the Muslim world, where an assortment of government officials, religious scholars and opposition figures fervidly denounced the killing of civilians as un-Islamic.
Immediately after Shaw's arrest, Garrison fervidly claimed to journalists that the assassination was a "homosexual thrill-killing.
Do you remember being mystified by a student fervidly typing away on a PDA during the middle of a test?
Depicting the mental, emotional, and sexual processes going on in these respective characters, she is able to convince us completely why Mel would go for this "old" man (he's nearly forty), especially when she has three worthy young men in Berlin fervidly competing for her favors with visits and supplies (including Marlboros), and why the doctor would risk his whole professional and personal life for this teenager.
Critics at the time noted the Times' reluctance to defend fearlessly and fervidly Jews threatened with extinction.