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And in a reference to the character in horror sitcom The Addams Family, Shaun added: "It's more like a mental Uncle Fester than Mick Jagger!"
Fester has been part of the family with Keeley Pilling and her parents in the Plank Lane area of Leigh, Wigan, for six years and was a rescue cat.
There's no word on any casting yet for other roles including Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Lurch or Uncle Fester.
"Well, Fester has no hair and when we first talked about that for the show I said I would go with a bald cap because my kids wouldn't want me to be bald for six months.
Panto cast, from left: Jane Adamson as Fester the Jester, Beth Wood as Fairy Liquid, Louise Dockray as Prince Charm-|ing, with dancers Laura Horgan, Regan Wood and Taylor Fisher; front: Clare Dodsley as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
He slammed the Cabinet Office for withholding the documents, telling the BBC: "Firstly, it will leave suspicions unresolved and those suspicions will fester and maybe worsen.
ambassador to Sri Lanka expressed alarm at rising hate speech and attacks against Muslims in the island nation and warned that such sentiments should not be allowed to fester.
The Professional F ootballers Association is to seek talks with the FA in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the dragged-out case, with the union's chief executive Taylor saying the affair had been allowed to "fester" for too long.
However, given the vast Abu Dhabi wealth bankrolling the entire City operation, it cannot entirely be discounted that the man who skippered the Blues to their FA Cup triumph in May, the club's first silverware since 1976, will have his contract cancelled, or that he will be left to fester until the end of his deal in 2014.
Dominique Fester admits Slow Genius is "one of the most enjoyable things I've done".
A $5,000 repair job could become a $500,000 project if left to fester before being tackled.
DOES your make-up fester in dirty old bags or lie unwanted at the bottom of overstuffed drawers?